Earlier this year, I went to London to scout out places for us to visit during our upcoming London Literary Adventure in June. Here's a peek at some of the historical and inspiring sights we'll be visiting and some fun shots of the local color. Enjoy!  - Allison

London is a magical place, with inspirational settings for writers. This is an alleyway near Regent's Street covered with red light bulbs. Let your imagination be stimulated in this city, triggering ideas of environments for your own writing.

This is the home of Dorothy Sayers, a renowned English crime writer, part of our Bloomsbury literary walking tour. Get ready to add some new writers to your reading list!

Shakespeare called this the most dangerous street in London. Take the literary tour of Bloomsbury and find out why.

This sums London up for me, finely dressed urbanities with a double-decker bus rolling down the street, a mix of modern and historical architecture in the background. One of my favorite hotels, the Rosewood, which has excellent cocktails and jazz, lies in the background. Hopefully we'll have time for a cuppa tea or a neat cocktail.

There are so many amazing bookstores in London to spend hours browsing in, e.g., Waterstone's and Foyles. This one is focused on feminist literature in the Bloomsbury neighborhood.  

I never tire of seeing powerful female sculptures perched atop important buildings. This is the British Museum's entrance archway. This musuem used to collect every book ever published in Britain. Now the collection is housed at the British Library, another stop on our trip.

This is Jane Austen's portable writing box given to her by her father. She produced the first drafts of Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice on it. We'll take a gander at it during our tour of the British Library.

Shakespeare's words follow you around the city. We'll visit along streets that he frequented and discover local references to his work. Dickens too!

Did you know London has tons of boutiques with handmade goods using local fibers, e.g., fine Scottish wool? Save up your money for some of these specialty goods. FYI - Did you know that British men are among the most smartly dressed in the world? Think James Bond and Sean Connery. Just me wee humble opinion.

Oh, the stories we'll hear about the Bloomsbury Group, made up of Virginia Woolf, Clive Bell and the Stracheys, to name a few. All storytelling will be done by someone with a proper British accent.

After all the sight-seeing, it's time for a well-earned pint with the chatty locals at the Bloomsbury tavern.  Oh the characters we'll meet! Do you fancy a bag of salt and vinegar crisps with your pint?