Nourish your creativity

Are you and your writing group interested in writing your next novel on a Greek Island? Maybe you and your colleagues want to rewrite your lives in a French castle. Or is mastering the art of romance writing in a Colorado mountain villa with your closest friends more your speed? With the Build-Your-Own retreat, your imagination is the only limitation. Gather a group of at least six people, decide where and when you want to go and what you want to learn, and we'll take care of the rest!

During our 3-7 days together, we’ll begin each morning with a nourishing meditation and a delicious, healthy breakfast. After we are focused and oriented, we’ll set our individual goals for the day. Allison and Jessie will provide proven guidance designed to help you release blocks, organize your time, and find your motivation, with a special focus on the craft of writing a novel (or whatever topic you choose to organize your retreat around).

Your afternoon is free to structure as you wish. Write on your own, receive individual coaching, take an inspiring hike through the village or the countryside, swim in the pool or the sea, people watch, schedule a massage, nap. Listen to your body and heart. We’ll come back together at night to share insight and laughter.

Possible topics:

  • Write and Publish a Book this Year
  • Write a Mystery
  • Write a Romance
  • Write a Fairy Tale
  • Claim Your Voice
  • Deepen Your Story
  • Rewrite Your Life
  • Spiritual Writing
  • Restore and Rejuvenate Your Creativity
  • Something else?


Commit to celebrating your creativity and nourishing your soul with the aid of expert instruction. During a Build-Your-Own retreat, you'll work with connected travel planners and master instructors who value laughter, creativity, and community. Explore the world with a fun-loving community of creatives, and enjoy a relaxing, inspiring vacation rooted in creative expression. Email Jess Lourey at if you have a group of at least six women plus a general time and place you'd like to see your private retreat offered. She'll respond with a no-strings-attached price quote.

"Jess Lourey is a rare double talent. She is an outstanding writer. Just as remarkable is Jess’ ability to teach writing to others. She clearly communicates the essence of good writing — whether it is giving a novice writer broad guidance on how to structure a novel or write sentences that grab the reader’s attention, or working with experienced writers on the fine art of wordsmithing to improve elements of pace, suspense or character development."
— Stephen T., Write That Book, July 2015
“When I signed up for Jessica Lourey ’s fiction writing workshop, I was at a low point. I was stuck. I longed to write a novel, but I didn’t know where to begin. I didn’t think I had any stories worth telling. Jess helped me realize that I have a lifetime of experiences just waiting to be tapped into, a lifetime of stories, characters, settings and plot twists. Anyone can teach the mechanics of writing, but not anyone can inspire like Jess.”

— Tina M., Rewrite Your Life, November 2016


Dates, Times & Locations

You decide!


Starting at $2000 per person (airfare not included) with a minimum of six people in your party. Beyond that, you set the budget--basic, mid-range, or luxurious. Email now for a quote!

Sample Schedule

Day One

1:00 pm   Lunch and Welcome

Day Two

8:00    Meditation
8:30    Breakfast
9:00-12 Selecting and Refining a Novel-worthy Idea; Poise Yourself to Finish Your Book in Less than a Year

12:00   Lunch

1:00    Writing on your own. You can also schedule a 1:1 session with Jess or Allison to get vision/voice feedback.

5:00    Community support session: share your daily progress, get encouragement and feedback

6:30    Cocktail/walk/meditation

7:00    Dinner in the village, with fellow retreaters or alone, you decide