They say body language doesn’t lie, so if your migraine could talk, what would it say? Head home, curl up under the blankets, and take a nap? What would your sore, carpal-tunnel hands say, or your butt after sitting at your desk all day?

Try this right now - ask the tension or pain in your body what is wrong.

Just put the pen to the paper and you’ll be surprised at what comes out on the paper.  

Don’t think, just ask it, and trust me, the words will start following.

I suffer from tense shoulders and when I last asked my shoulders why they are so tense, they said – “I’m tired, stop hurting me, give me a rest.” Yep, that made me realize I need to be more loving to myself. I let out a deep exhaled and I slowed down my typing. And then they softened. It was that easy.

Your body absorbs your mental energy and holds on to past trauma. It will signal that you are absorbing too much stress by aching or becoming tense. I highly recommend the book, The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness by Inna Segal (daughter of Bernie Segal). I was suffering from stress induced-vertigo and read in her book that if you are suffering from vertigo, it means that you are not grounded, you are not sticking to what is meaningful for you, you are making too many transitions, and hence your world is shifting around you. Those words literally rang true, since I was living in Germany, moving every three to six months, and miserable at work. If only I had noticed the signs in my body earlier.

My mind usually doesn’t confide in me how my body is feeling, since it’s always on the go, which is why I use automatic writing and prompts to reveal to myself thoughts my ego doesn’t want me to hear.

If something is ailing you, trying putting your pen up to it and asking what it wants to tell you. I promise you, you’ll get some interesting information that will ease the pain. These are some techniques we'll be trying at the Align & Revitalize Retreat, Claim Your Voice and The Art of Self-Care.