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Dearest Jami,

Happy Birthday!

I also write to express gratitude for our book Harn Theory: A Proven Formula for Leaving the Rat Race, Designing a Sustainable Life, and Finding Joy.  Who knew we could escape the misogyny of the steel industry and find solace in the trees?  That we could overcome the fears and make the leap of faith to a new way of life?

Every week now brings someone new to my life seeking guidance, support or simply encouragement in beginning a path to freedom.  I now truly appreciate the contentment of those who gave me help.  From that Inn Serendipity visit and long financial discussions with Marg Nucci, to the many chance meetings with people along the way, forging their own paths, it was a group effort creating the life that resulted in this guidebook.

Most importantly, Dan has been a hard-working, supportive partner as this book came to life, literally, with the development of our Permaculture Homestead at the Harn.  Oh, and the blog and YouTube channel supporters – all seventeen of those early adopters! And thanks must go to Jess Lourey and the Wellness Retreats for Women who forced us to find a working title, thus making the book a reality.

Seeing the effect on new friends who are rethinking their lives, whether to leave the rat race or just to find more peace in their lives, makes every moment of writing worthwhile. 

Thank you,