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Lightning from Heaven is an inspirational adventure of discovery through abandonment, addiction, toxic relationships, destructive behavior and the journey of learning the power of love, strength, and faith through weakness and humility. It has inspired so many men and women to have the courage to seek a multitude of resources available to them to overcome hurdles in their lives and acceptance that addiction is a disease of the brain and does not discriminate. In turn, broken souls have been repaired, hearts have been mended, voices have been heard,  and prayers have turned into dream come trues. Fortunately, I was blessed to have the support of my husband, loving family and friends as well as every person I have encountered along the journey to help develop and inspire me to become the woman I am today. Without the universe, this book would not be possible. Since writing this book my life has been abundantly blessed, fear has evaporated, and dreams have become bigger. In my endless river of love what once were, dams have eroded into sandbars of opportunities and become just a stop along the way.

Megan Dawicki