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Dear Future Mystery Author,

You are a book writer.  A published author.

Despite the fear, the doubt, you resolved to do what you wanted, to be an author. You are still learning and working hard, you haven't given up.  You get better with each book with the help of many, including published writers, and an editor with a generous nature. Also, new writer friends you have made on social media, YouTube and your family and friends.

You wake up with a reason, and a desire. Something I never again thought I would see, a smile on your face that has not been there since becoming a mom. Being a writer is your life's calling, you proved that. It became every facet of you and that's the greatest part of having created what is your life's work. I'll always be happy that we published, Color Me Murdered, by T.A Diamond, and so should you.

Maggie Flower comes back home after a failed marriage in New York City to open her own adult coloring book shop. Maggie finds Virgil Power, director of a retirement complex, dead in the back of her shop. Detective Austin Alexander suspects Maggie's grandmother of the murder. Maggie will have to use more than her coloring pencils to sketch out a killer. This was our first published work.

I'm so honored and inspired you are me. I look forward to writing many more novels and sharing this adventure with you.

Tina Diamond -Book Reviewer/Blogger, Amazon Associate