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Dear Jodi,

I'm so glad you listened to your inner wisdom and wrote Scarpe Diem, the true adventure of two friends that left their tech jobs to start a shoe business in Italy. Having just returned from a book tour, I can tell you now that this journey has propelled you back into the creative life you knew you were meant to lead.

My life has changed in ways both expected and unexpected. Originally I thought writing the book would be cathartic, and it has been. I also thought it would help me remember how we were successful instead of focusing on the failure, and it's done that as well. But more than anything, it's unlocked the memory that life can be created. It can be inspiring. It can flow, and it can be magical.

I could not be more grateful for the support from my writing coaches and the women I met at the Women Writing Italy retreat. While I love watching people laugh or feel moved when we read excerpts at book signings, it’s not about the outside validation for me. The very best part is that the stirring and longing that used to wake me up at night is gone. It turns out that all of that was simply a desire for expression, and as long as it keeps flowing, I am at peace.

Keep going....



Jodi Koskella