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Dear Writing Woman Warrior,

You took a huge leap of faith to leave South Africa at your most vulnerable moment and attend your first Women Writing Retreat in the Italian countryside of Umbria. Fear, doubt, and loneliness were replaced with courage, acceptance and validation, creating a catalyst to write your memoir, Secrets of the Vine. A fifty-six year old voice is no longer silent and your ultimate goal of releasing other women to tell their story may just have been achieved. 

Using the courage of women like yourself and empathetic, encouraging coaches, you have told the story of an American woman’s life starting in apartheid South Africa in 1987. Following a dreamer’s heart and the love of your life you left family, friends and a career to start a new journey on a generational owned wine estate with unrivaled natural beauty. It is here that unspoken truths would be revealed under the veil of aristocratic colonialism. Navigating year after year through racism, violence, political turmoil, family hierarchy, alcohol addiction, sexual immorality, and finally betrayal only to discover the true purpose of this mother of four. 

Lastly, the chapters are now closed on the past and you feel alive again knowing that true validation comes only from inside yourself.  Secrets of the Vine has released you to step proudly and confidently into the next chapter, allowing you to finally live your two mottos:  “own your own truth” and “love never fails."

You are finally free.

With Love,

Lori Ann