Jessica lourey

Author of 16 Books. Teacher. Mother.

Jessica Lourey (MA, MS) is a bestselling writer, a tenured writing and sociology professor, recipient of The Loft's Excellence in Teaching fellowship, a regular Psychology Today blogger, and a sought-after workshop leader and keynote speaker who delivered the popular "Rewrite Your Life" TEDx Talk. The author of 16 books, numerous short stories, and articles on writing, healing, and education, Jess is best known for her critically-acclaimed mystery series, which has earned multiple starred reviews from Library Journal and Booklist, the latter calling her writing "a splendid mix of humor and suspense." Jess also writes sword and sorcery fantasy, edge-of-your-seat Young Adult (YA) adventure, and magical realism, literary fiction, and thrillers.

When not leading laughter-filled, soul-healing writing retreats, traveling, reading, writing, watching wonderfully bad SyFy movies, or hanging out with her family, you can find Jess dreaming of her next story. Her nonfiction book, Rewrite Your Life: Discover Your Truth Through the Healing Power of Fiction, is available now. You can find out more on her website.

Allison Quaid

Storyteller. Coach. Scientist. Globetrotter. 

Allison is most alive when she engages in the magical process of creating new stories and discovering “a-ha’s!” with others. She is a natural at empowering and encouraging others to achieve their dreams.

A multilingual world traveler and skilled facilitator of international writing and creativity workshops, she blends coaching, writing and art therapy to bring out a person’s creative genius.  

Allison's creativity has been cultivated over the years as a CEO of a marketing firm in San Francisco, working primarily on large-scale behavior change campaigns for environmental issues (energy efficiency, recycling, and air pollution). She holds a B.S. in Environmental Science and a M.A. in Environmental Policy.

Mid-career, her passion shifted from the business world to all things creative (arts, writing, etc.). She participated in several workshops on writing, healing and creativity, many from the University of California at Berkeley as well as writing salons in San Francisco; she then begin to lead international ones herself.

Allison is writing two books, a young adult science fiction novel and a collection of healing fairy tales.

Allison has lived and worked in Brazil, Germany, South Africa, Canada and the United States, speaks four languages, and has visited over 40 countries.

All that travel has taught her that being part of a creative community is one of the best ways to reach your goals. Plus, travel is good for the soul.